Best Time to Visit

Sri Lanka is an all year destination. It has consistently comfortable temperatures and the sun is always out. Showers can occur occasionally however and usually they are not very predictable. The Southwest coast and the hills are best experienced between December and April. May to September the weather is best in the North and East. October and November can feature great all-country weather, but the central hills can sometimes experience a bit of rain.

The beginning of the year is an amazing time to be in the central hills. The Southwest is also sunny and dry with calm seas and wide beaches. Several cultural activities of interest take place in this time, including the hugely popular Galle Literary Festival. This is also the ideal time to climb Adam’s Peak, a true cultural rite of passage, as well as engage in dolphin and whale watching off the South coast.

The Southwest monsoon rains start in April. The South Coast, while still great to travel in, can occasionally be hit with bad weather. So head to the East coast and its untouched beaches instead! Or retreat to the North or head to the Cultural Triangle.  The 14th April is Sinhalese and Tamil New Year.

May and June brings humidity and heat to the South, but the central hills are cooler albeit occasionally hit by rain. The North and East remain pleasant throughout these months. The Vesak festival which takes place in May is a celebration of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death.

Weather is ideal in the North and East of Sri Lanka during this time. Explore cultural sites, wildlife and the beaches of the East coast. These months are busy, so planning and booking ahead will ensure we can get you the experience you want. The Kandy Perahera takes place in these months, and it is not something to miss.

Squeezed in between monsoons, October and November can bring some of the best all-country weather. However it can also be somewhat unpredictable.

December is one of the best and most popular times to visit the South Coast. So plan in advance! The North and East during this time can start to experience some rain.