Social Responsibility

The effort behind IAmSriLanka began as a simple community of Sri Lankans around the world promoting the local tourism industry. Our people-oriented philosophy drives us to go above and beyond the duties of mere travel agents; we want to live up to the standards of brotherhood and warmth shared by this community.



We believe there is much more happiness and joy to be shared by bringing people together. In our journey towards where we are today, we've been able to provide some truly memorable experiences to our visitors.


Samanthie and Poojani

Our proudest achievement would be the touching reunion we helped bring about between an estranged mother and child. We were contacted by twenty one year old Samanthie Priyangika Fiskerstrand Oterhals, who had been adopted by a Norwegian family at a very young age, and who wanted to visit Sri Lanka and try to find her birth mother.

With only a couple of pictures and no contact details to help us identify Samanthie's mother, we ventured into the community of Obeysekapura in Rajagiriya, hoping that we would be successful. After some searching, we finally managed to find Poojani, Samanthie's birth mother, and were able to arrange the fateful meeting between the two in Colombo's Independence Square.

The overwhelming emotional satisfaction that we derived from this effort was enough to convince us that this was the very essence of Sri Lanka's beauty: its heartwarming people. This is why we try to keep our focus very people-oriented, and we maintain contact with all our visitors to keep expanding this network.

You can read more about Samanthie and Poojani's touching story at


Working with bright young minds from the Overseas School of Colombo

When Anargi Jayakody, Divyanshi Patel, Jiwon Jeong and Dae Hyung Yoo, four young students from the Overseas School of Colombo, were learning about philanthropy and the power of kindness in school, they came across the issue of parents having to give their children up for adoption. With remarkable insight, they came to the conclusion that such situations would arise due to complications like financial difficulties, and were able to understand how difficult it would be to make such a decision.

Their teacher, Tassy Dahlan, shared with them the story of Surangi, a maid she knew who had given up her own son for adoption years ago, hoping that he would lead a more comfortable life. With their curiosity piqued, the students began researching online and came across IAmSriLanka's previous efforts to reunite an estranged mother and child. They wrote to Shiraz Ismail, who promised to carry out the necessary investigation.

With a little bit of searching, the son was soon found on a social media network; he had become somewhat of a celebrity in Sweden as a racer. After some time, contact was finally established and Tassy Dehlan Dahlan their teacher as able to write to him on behalf of Surangi. Surangi was elated to see how successful her son had become, and wept tears of joy at the realisation that he had been able to lead a life of less hardship.

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